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International trade continues to grow every year as nations expand their global sales. Intercredit Bank N.A. (ICB) is here to help you enhance your relationship and terms with your overseas suppliers and grow along with the international trade market. We offer export programs from the US Export Import Bank of the United States and Private Insurance Companies. We also offer a Trade Finance Program for Latin America Exporters through the financing of their receivables in the U.S. and Europe. All our solutions are customized to suit your specific needs.

Navigating the international trade marketplace can be challenging; hence, Intercredit Bank N.A. has developed short and medium term financial products and services for corporations that are part of the production and export of goods and services. Our Trade Finance team understands the challenges of doing business internationally and can provide the financing solutions you need to open new markets and improve cash flow and reduce risk.

As an approved lender of the Export Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank), ICB has designed an assortment of fully integrated products with the purpose of optimizing your business. Talk to us about:

  • Export Credit Insurance
    • Short Term Credit Facility
    • Medium Term Credit Facility
  • Pre-export Financing
  • Post-export Financing

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