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SBA Loans

Intercredit Bank, N.A. is committed to serving small businesses and professionals in the South Florida community. We offer 504 loans which can assist with the purchase of fixed assets with a minimum down payment of 10%.

504 SBA Loans

Provides long-term financing for small businesses seeking to acquire fixed assets such as commercial real estate and equipment with a useful life exceeding 10 years.


  • Down payments as low as 10% on multi-purpose properties
  • Fully amortized loans with no balloon payments
  • Low Fixed and variable rates available
  • Quick approvals and closings

What do you need to apply?

SBA Loan's Basic Financial Documentation Required

  • 3 years of Business Tax Returns. All schedules and statements must be included;
  • Year–To–Date Interim Financial Statement (Income Statement and Balance Sheet);
  • Business Debt Schedule – Provide a list of all existing business-related debt;
  • Personal Financial Statement dated within 45 days;
  • 3 years of Personal Tax Returns from all guarantors and/or 20% or more ownership. All schedules, W-2 Forms and/or 1099 Forms (if applicable) must be included;
  • Business Plan – required for all start-ups and business acquisitions;
  • Financial Projections – required for all start-ups and business acquisitions.

Just call or visit your nearest Intercredit Bank Office.


Do I need to be an Intercredit Bank customer to apply for a SBA loan?
No. At Intercredit Bank, we welcome loan requests for both existing and new customers.

Is Intercredit Bank considering SBA loans outside of Florida?
No. Currently, we're only considering SBA loans in the Counties of Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Monroe. Other areas within the State of Florida (only) may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

How do I start the application process for a SBA Loan?
By calling us at 305.662.1414 or a lending officer by email. The application forms may be provided via email or fax the same day you contact us. You may also apply in person by visiting the Intercredit Bank location closest to you.

Do you work with Brokers and/or referral sources?
Yes. We welcome loans referred by Brokers and/or referral sources. If you're broker or referral source, and wish to submit a SBA 504 loan for approval, please contact us at 305.662.1414 or a lending officer by email.

Is my personal credit history taken into consideration when analyzing a SBA loan request for approval?
Yes. In order to determine repayment ability we do a global cash flow analysis taking into consideration the personal obligations of the applicant(s).

Is collateral required for a SBA loan?
Yes. Intercredit Bank will take a senior lien on all business assets and/or a mortgage on real estate, if applicable.

How long does it take to process a SBA loan application?
Typically, complete loan application packages are processed within 30 calendar days.