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Not-For-Profit Now Accounts

Intercredit Bank, N.A. has designed this account for customers that have a need for a commercial account with higher balances and no restrictions on number of transactions. This account is also an interest bearing account.


  • Minimum balance required at time of account opening of $2,500
  • Minimum balance requirement of $2,500 to avoid monthly service fee
  • Only for Non for Profit Organizations
  • Unlimited access to InfoBank, 24-Hour Telephone Banking
  • Free access to ICB Online Banking and Bill Pay
  • Free ATM card or Visa Debit Card
  • Funds are FDIC insured
  • No limit to the number of transactions processed on account
  • Interest bearing account

What do you need to apply?

  • Business Documentation (documentation needed varies depending on type of business entity)
  • Two Forms of Identification for all account signers
    • Primary Identification (Driver's License, State Picture ID, Passport, Military ID)
    • Secondary Identification (Credit Card, Voter's Registration, Alien Registration, Cedula)
  • Social Security number of all signers

Just call or visit your nearest Intercredit Bank Office.



Q: What documents do I need to provide to apply for an account?

A: Complete the application at an ICB branch near you.

Q: Do I need to provide identification to open the account?

A: Yes, two forms of identification and your social security number are required at the time of account opening.

Q: Will I need to provide any documentation for my business to open the account?

A: Yes, all documentation needed for the business at the time of account opening.

Q: Do all signers for the business need to be present to open the account?

A: No. All signers are required to sign the documentation and provide identification in order to open the account.

Q: Is there a minimum balance required to open the account?

A: Yes, the minimum balance required is $2,500.

For additional fees, restrictions, terms and conditions that may be applied in connection with any type of account, please consult with your account officer.